About Michele Andres

Michele Andres is a professional Mystic, Mentor, and Psychic Tarot Reader at Mystic-Mentor.com

...offering intuitive tarot sessions which include a Prediction plus a Plan, as well as an ever evolving array of mystical services. 

Devoted to helping people realize their own Divine Superpowers, Michele teaches psychic development, Supernatural Sign Language (spiritual communication), tarot classes, spirit circles, and hosts Extra Mystical Activities on Facebook. 

Michele is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Certified Psychic Medium.

Michele is the author of:

Tarot Compass 

an intentionally intuitive life planning system

Epiphanies Tarot 

a divination deck designed to intensify your intuition

Easy Psychic Tarot  Deck

(soon to be released)

Mystic-Mentor Shoppe

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